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3.15 Second Delivery

Our average message delivery time to a UK mobile is just 3.14 seconds, with over 99.5% of messages being delivered within 30 seconds (Based upon 50 test messages being sent to a UK mobile each day).

About our connectivity...

Reliability is ensured through connections to multiple SMSCs for onward delivery. A sophisticated algorithm is used to monitor the available routes in real-time and adjust delivery preferences for optimum speed.

Included in this algorithm are direct connections to UK mobile network operators, Kapow's own dedicated SMSC (on SS7 network), and access to the networks of other aggregators.

We offer a high MT (mobile terminated) message throughput of 90 > 180 msgs/sec (approx. 500k msgs/hour). This throughput is throttled to 15 msgs/sec/client by default, e.g. approx 54k/hour/client.

The service is expanded as required to maintain an average operating load of less than 15% of total capacity.

Global Pricing

Our simplified pricing means that 1 credit = 1 message to any destination Worldwide. Check out our coverage here


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