SMS for Charities

We support many Charities and if you are a registered Charity you will benefit from reduced rates and additional services. Please contact us if you are looking to send or receive standard rate (non-Premium) text messages.

For Premium Rate SMS registered Charities have two options, shown below.

Charity Shortcodes

We provide dedicated UK Charity Shortcodes only. This is a special type of Shortcode approved by HMRC for use by Registered Charities only. This type of Shortcode enables a mobile user to make a donation of between £1 - £10 to your Charity. The difference between this and standard Shortcodes is that you will receive the donation amount, including the VAT. Premium SMS always includes a VAT amount, paid by the consumer, so a £1 text is actually approx 83p+VAT (at 20%). There is a service fee per message imposed by the Networks and this is invoiced to you. This type of Shortcode can only be used for donations which do not involve competitions/prizes/lotteries etc.

Full information on Charity Shortcodes can be found in the following PDFs:
Charity PSMS
Charity Shortcode Donation Guidelines

Standard Shortcodes

Standard Shortcode's enable versatility with the type of Premium Rate Services you can provide, but with lower out-payment rates (this is the amount you receive after the Network's cut and VAT have been deducted). This type of service is best when you need to incentivise consumers to donate; perhaps with the chance of winning a prize. This can help to increase the number of donations you receive.

Full details on Standard Shortcodes can be found in the following PDFs:
Premium SMS

All services must adhere to the guidelines set by the industries regulatory body, PhonePayPlus.

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